News Exclusives

‘Forest win’ was elaborate Twitter prank

by Social Media Correspondent, Faye Kinnit
February 8, 2015
Reports on Twitter of a Nottingham Forest victory this weekend were a hoax, the club has explained.

The scoreline of ‘Brighton 2 Forest 3′, though highly unlikely, was widely retweeted after it was posted by the club’s chairman, Fawaz Al-Hasawi, on Saturday evening [...]

Severe mither warning issued in Nottinghamshire

by Weather Correspondent, Gustav Wynde
December 29, 2014
People in Nottinghamshire are being warned to expect a fresh wave of mithering, moaning and malcontentedness to hit the county this week.

The region saw a flurry of groans, gripes and grumbles fall on Boxing Day, shortly after Nottingham Forest’s 3-0 defeat at Middlesbrough. Many travelling fans were caught in inches of severe criticism and forced to abandon their hope by the roadside.

This was followed by a particularly frosty reception to the Reds’ 3-1 trouncing at home to Birmingham that has left a certain manager on very slippery ground [...]

Lower Bridgford Stand goes to polls in independence vote

by Referendum Correspondent, Cody Pendant
September 18, 2014
After months of campaigning, history is being made today as supporters in the Lower Bridgford Stand vote on the controversial issue of independence.

Voters are being asked whether they think the Lower Bridgford Stand should become an independent stadium and break away from union with the rest of the City Ground [...]

Pedants to protest over City Ground renaming

by Protest Correspondent, Mel O’Dramer
July 28, 2014
With Nottingham Forest reported to be on the verge of announcing a major sponsorship deal with the Kuwaiti government, a small group is planning a protest over the renaming of the club's historic City Ground home.

“We don’t mind the club selling the naming rights,” says Arty Culation of pressure group Pedants Preferring Perfection. “In the modern age, stadium-sponsorship is nothing new and all clubs must move with the times.

“What really bothers us about re-branding the City Ground as ‘Kuwait City Ground Stadium’ is the appalling tautology [...]