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Post-Match Poem: A Tale of Two Comebacks

by , September 18, 2012
Birmingham came to disrupt Forest’s game, the passing style that has won us acclaim, and succeeded in frustrating the Reds deservedly going two goals ahead. Just when it seemed that all hope was lost McGugan played a long ball up to Cox and, though it looked impossible to control, with just two touches it was in the goal [...]

Post-Match Poem: Huddersfield v Forest

by , August 22, 2012
‘What’s in a name?’ Shakespeare once wrote and Huddersfield Town clearly took note re-branding their stadium every few years and thus reducing me nearly to tears [...]

Post-Match Poem: Forest v Bristol

by , August 18, 2012
Never mind the bollocks, here’s Sean O’Driscoll! He’s our very own footballing Sex Pistol and if there were doubt, it’s now clear as crystal: he’s as good as Cotterill was abysmal [...]

Three Wise Men

by , July 22, 2012
Three Wise Men The three wise men from lands afar are guided not by yonder star, nor are they kings of Orient nations – just salesmen of refrigeration [...]