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Forest on Film #3: We live in hope…

October 30, 2008

With our first competitive game against the Sheep for three years looming, you probably won’t be surprised that I’ve chosen a classic encounter between the two teams for this week’s video.

Forest come from behind to win this gritty game in 1989 – the tackles will make you wince, the well-worked goals will make you proud, and watching Derby getting stuffed by the mighty Reds will make you hope for the same this Sunday…

Forest on Film #2: ‘Pure animal physics’

October 13, 2008

“What do you mean, Who’s Johnny Metgod?” says Danny Baker in this great clip of the Dutch legend’s celebrated pile-driver freekick in 1986. “This is Johnny Metgod!”

The celebration after the goal is pretty famous too, having featured on the Match of the Day titles for some time afterwards.