What is LTLF?

A place for Forest fans to air their views, either in articles or via the forum, where Forest fans can read the views of others and join in good-natured discussion on anything to do with the club. It’s also a place where supporters can expect to find some comic relief from the sometimes arduous task of following the Reds, with satires, spoofs and downright silliness at the expense of Forest players, managers, board members and even us fans too.

What isn’t LTLF?

A reliable source of up-to-the-minute Forest news, transfer gossip and other such tedious nonsense.

Where does the name come from?

At a Forest away game in the late eighties, someone put a Righteous Brothers song on the pub jukebox and – one drunken sing-along later – a club anthem was born. ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’’ is not only a cracking terrace chant, but it also sums up the mood Forest fans have been in for most of this website’s lifetime.

When was LTLF founded?

The site launched in October 1999, shortly after Forest were last relegated from the Premier League. Feel free to blame us for the fact we haven’t been back there since!

Who runs the site?

The site was created by Forest fans and school friends Alex Walker, Mark Ingram and Peter Collison. In the many years since, Alex has continued to run LTLF and penned a book about Forest while the other two founders have slipped into obscurity / got a life (depending who you speak to).

Can I write for LTLF?

Yes. All content published on LTLF is written on a voluntary basis. See our contributions page for more details.

Can I advertise on LTLF?

Yes. Please use the contact page to enquire about our extortionate very reasonable rates.