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Gutted an understatement, but there is a silver lining

by , December 7, 2011
After the trauma on Tuesday night against Leeds, the Reds faced a nearly impossible challenge down at Brighton in the new Amex Stadium. None of us expected anything more than a draw and would have easily taken a point at a very hard place to go, but as the game went on it looked like a win was inevitable, never mind a draw [...]

Book reviews: Nottingham Forest: On This Day, Nottingham Forest Miscellany and The Day I Met Brian Clough

by , December 6, 2011
Records must have broken this year as a plethora of Forest books hit the shelves – the postman serving the LTLF offices is currently taking three months off with a crippled spine from carrying all the review copies that have dropped through our letterbox in the last few months. But aside from giving postal workers back problems, what purpose are all these books serving? Here we review three Forest-themed books that take a potted history approach to the Reds’ past to find out if they can tell us something we don't already know [...]