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The only certain thing is uncertainty

by , April 27, 2012
With relegation comfortably brushed off as if it were never a worry (yeah right!) and nothing to play for but pride in tomorrow’s season-closer, this would normally be a time when fans start looking ahead to next season. But right now what can we really say for definite about next season [...]

Me Owd Duck on Standing on the Spot

by , April 19, 2012
I do like good hospitality and there comes a time in every one’s life that facilities become really important. Hospitality is something Nottingham Forest do very well. I also have a love of legends. So to stand on that spot, just before kick off on a Saturday afternoon, at the home of Nottingham Forest, my home, the place where legends have stood and then turn and shout ‘Get into ’em lads’ from the centre circle at the likes of Raddy, Moussi, Dex, was for a Forest fan, well it was me smiling from ear to ear for days afterwards [...]