A new era…

July 3, 2012

Yes, after months of speculation and gossip, here is the confirmation you’ve all been waiting for – Lost That Loving Feeling is back!

We’ve been offline since the end of the 2011/12 season and during that time we’ve sadly been unable to report on the numerous exciting goings-on at the City Ground, such as… the, erm… you know, that thing that happened… the thing with the… and the… oh I give up!

Okay, so we haven’t missed much at all, but it looks like things are just about to get interesting on Trentside, so what better time to introduce our new site?

The LTLF development team have been beavering away to create our new look, while the editorial staff have been pulling late shifts to stockpile as many Kuwait puns as possible.

So just ku-wait (see, there’s one!) because over the coming season the revamped LTLF will be bringing you all kinds of exciting, original features, the like of which you’ll never have seen before (unless you happen to visit the same sites we pinch our ideas off).

Fawaz Al-HasawiYou’ll find that things have moved around a bit, and a lot of the old stuff has vanished. Don’t worry though, as your favourite LTLF archive articles are just in storage until we have time to give them a good dust and polish to make them fit for public display again. Soon you’ll once again be able trawl through stuff from as far back as David Platt’s reign as manager (perfect for Halloween parties) and not forgetting our history articles covering the Brian Clough years (a fairy tale to tell the kids at bedtime, perhaps) and more.

If there’s anything you particularly want to read that isn’t back online yet (you never know when you’ll be struck by the desperate urge to read a match report of Forest-Watford from 2004) please drop us a line and we’ll do our best for you. Likewise if you spot any bugs, factual errors or overly optimistic outlooks on this site, please let us know and they will be removed at great haste, especially the optimism.

LTLF has never claimed to be ‘in the know’ and our news scoops have usually blown up in our face. We don’t pay much attention to the rumour mill and won’t indulge in pointless speculation. The only thing our coverage of Forest is concerned with is cold, hard facts. Cold hard facts and mercilessly ripping the piss out of those cold, hard facts.

And even though the last couple of months have been pretty dull, at least the impending Forest takeover, for good or for bad as far as the club’s future is concerned, means there will be plenty of material for us.

Now, where did we leave that copy of ‘1001 Hilarious Camel Jokes’?

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