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Unemployable man forced into work under government scheme

LTLF Exclusive by Employment Correspondent, Benny Fitz
September 30, 2013
Chancellor George Osborne has hailed his new ‘help-to-work’ scheme as a success as the first unemployable person was put to work on a job no one else wants. Steve McClaren, of no fixed abode, started work this afternoon after the government identified him as one of the underclass who would never otherwise find work [...]

Forest on Film: Forest v Derby

September 27, 2013

Derby 0 Forest 2, March 23, 1989

Forest 2 Derby 1, August 30, 1989

Forest 3 Derby 0, March 19, 2003

Forest 3 Derby 2, August 29, 2009

Forest 5 Derby 2, December 29, 2010

Let’s hope we’ve got one more worthy video to upload to this page this time tomorrow!

Review: Those Forest Men by Mark Collar

by , September 25, 2013
Those Forest Men by Mark CollarThis book is a bit different, different to any football book I’ve ever read before. Once I picked it up I genuinely struggled to put it down and had finished it within a couple of days...

Daniel Taylor: ‘Press box ban is just a red herring’

September 18, 2013
Daniel TaylorOn Saturday the Guardian’s chief football writer and author of a highly-praised book about Forest, Daniel Taylor, wrote about how he and his newspaper had been barred from the City Ground press box on a technicality. With questions posed by LTLF Forum members, we hear his side of the story as well as his views on Forest’s prospects this season...