Articles by Mark Collar

Psycho – That Forest Man

April 8, 2014
Mark Collar, author of Those Forest Men, reflects on the career of Stuart Pearce and why he is so beloved of the Forest faithful...

‘Never let your mam down’ – Brian Clough to the rescue

May 30, 2013
Scene: Trent Bridge, Nottingham, September 1980. A small crowd of about 15 people are watching as STEPHEN FOSTER clings desperately to the River side of the iron railings watched by PC LEE SUMMERS. Another PC stands between SUMMERS and the crowd. FOSTER is hugely distressed and is crying. A Mercedes car slows and stops alongside. BRIAN CLOUGH winds down the car window, thinks better of it and emerges from the car and approaches SUMMERS. The crowd murmur [...]

The town crier of A Block

April 29, 2013
Those Forest Men by Mark Collar‘Those Forest Men’ is a unique football book that mixes the history of the club with personal reminiscences, written by local author and regular LTLF contributor, Mark Collar (aka Me Owd Duck). In this exclusive extract, Mark profiles a familiar voice in the A Block...

Me Owd Duck on a pioneer

May 9, 2011
Sam Widdowson Football as we know it was not suddenly invented, it was developed over a period of time by a number of pioneers and one of the greatest of these was Samuel Weller Widdowson [...]