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All contributions welcome!LTLF has always been a place where fans can share and discuss their views on Nottingham Forest without fear of censorship or editorial bias. We have always been an alternative voice, tackling the important issues when needed and having fun during times when the club has sent most to the brink of despair!

Over the years we have received literally thousands of contributions from well over a hundred contributors, some established writers, some budding journalists who have gone onto careers in the media, and others just fans with a lifelong passion and something to say about their team.

We don’t expect our contributors to wow us with their prose, just that they express themselves as fans. After all, we’ve all got our views on how the club is run.

Contributions to LTLF can be humorous, forthright, opinionated, in-depth, quirky, artistic… whatever you want to say about your club, or indeed football in general, LTLF is a great platform to reach an international readership of thousands of regular visitors.

If you want to start contributing to the site, the best way is to simply get writing and submit your first article using the form below. We love opinion pieces by fans and interesting features – articles on all topics will be considered and we very rarely say no to something unless there are legal reasons for doing so.

Please note: everything you read on LTLF has been contributed on a voluntary basis and we offer no payment in return for published work.

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Notes for contributors

For ideas on what to write about, you should have a look at our recent articles and see if there’s a hot topic that hasn’t been covered already. That said, don’t be afraid of writing about something we’ve already published a piece about if you can offer a fresh view. We’re all about opinions and debate and often publish articles expressing contrasting views on the same issue.

The best length for an opinion article is between 500 and 800 words, but longer and shorter contributions are welcome. Sometimes short and snappy is best, but other subjects require more detailed analysis. Shorter articles get read more times, so that’s something to bear in mind, but an article should always be precisely as long as it needs to be.

Please try to make your writing as clear as possible. We don’t expect all our contributors to be perfect on grammar, but we should be able to read your work without wearing out our spell-checker… or reaching for the dictionary! Please check through your work before submitting. Also make sure you’ve got your facts right or you could end up looking foolish.

If you have images to include with your article (must be your own work or have permission to use them) then please mention them in the notes section and we’ll be in touch by email. If you are quoting from or referencing another article, please include a source link.

If you want to submit something other than a written article (such as photographs, cartoons or maybe even a Forest-related musical composition!) then you should contact us to discuss.

LTLF editor Alex will be happy to answer any questions about contributions to the site, so if you’ve got an article idea you want to discuss or are having difficulty submitting something, please use the contact form to reach him.

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