Field Notes

August 9, 2013

  • Och aye, the noo* – Kelvin Wilson has returned from Glasgow to his home town of Nottingham! The club announced the defender has signed from Celtic for an ‘undisclosed fee’, even though the fee has been disclosed by pretty much every other media outlet as £2.5 million.
  • Wilson may go straight into the side for tomorrow’s match with Blackburn Rovers, but Simon Cox is definitely out with his ankle injury from Tuesday. A cautiously optimistic Blackburn fan has spoken to Seat Peat about the match and his hopes that the club are stabilising after recent turmoil.
  • We’re sad to hear that former crowd favourite Julian Bennett has suffered another bad injury, rupturing a ligament during his first game for Southend United, which will likely see him miss six months of the season.

*Scottish readers will hopefully appreciate the rare use of this phrase in the correct context and literal meaning of ‘Oh yes, just now’. It is in no way used by LTLF to promote offensive racial stereotypes, ya radges yoo!