Field Notes

October 18, 2013

Field Notes has been on a bit of an enforced hiatus in recent weeks, so to get us back in the flow here are some belated shout-outs:

  • Congratulations to Andy Reid on the resumption his international career. Reidy started in Ireland’s match against Kazakhstan, his first start for six years. Reid had been out in the cold until Giovanni Trapattoni resigned last month ever since Andy kept his boss up late with his guitar playing back in 2008, which is surely one of the worst reasons a footballer has ever has his international career thwarted.
  • Kudos to season ticket holder Edward Romansk who not only won a raffle prize allowing him to tag along to the Forest team photo shoot but also got to stand in for one of the players. Jamie Paterson was poorly, so Edward took his place in the line-up and was later Photoshopped out, as can be seen here. Not many fans can say they’ve been snapped in a Forest team photo.
  • Shame on the Nottingham Post for allowing this ill-advised article to appear on their website in the run-up to Saturday’s match against Bournemouth. Although not officially part of the paper’s output, their desperation for content shows when they allow fans such as the misnomered ‘True Red’ to sully their pages with such tripe. LTLF updates have been sparse in the last few weeks but even we would have thought twice about giving that rubbish time of day. Apparently Bournemouth players have already been shown the article to give them extra motivation for the game, so we can blame the Post and ‘True Red’ if they beat us.
  • Condolences to the family and friends of Philip Chevron, guitarist with the Pogues, who died last week after a long battle with cancer. Philip was, like bassist Daryl Hunt, a Forest fan and people have been sharing memories of the pair on the forum as well as discussing a campaign to have the band’s ‘Fiesta’ replace ‘Chelsea Dagger’ as the club’s goal music.
  • Cheers, or should that be salute, to the Nottingham Forest Bar in Milan who have been named one of the 50 best bars in the world. The name references the Robin Hood legend more than our beloved football club, but nonetheless, we haven’t seen any Derby County bars on the list so it’s all good publicity for the city of Nottingham.