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Pedants to protest over City Ground renaming

LTLF Exclusive by Protest Correspondent, Mel O’Dramer
July 28, 2014
With Nottingham Forest reported to be on the verge of announcing a major sponsorship deal with the Kuwaiti government, a small group is planning a protest over the renaming of the club's historic City Ground home.

“We don’t mind the club selling the naming rights,” says Arty Culation of pressure group Pedants Preferring Perfection. “In the modern age, stadium-sponsorship is nothing new and all clubs must move with the times.

“What really bothers us about re-branding the City Ground as ‘Kuwait City Ground Stadium’ is the appalling tautology [...]

Getting real

by , January 12, 2012
It’s a puzzling time at Forest, that’s for sure. In fact, the only certain thing about the club at the moment is that nothing much is known for certain. So many questions remain unanswerable: Was the performance at Ipswich an improvement for the goals we scored or a step back due to the shambolic way we defended? Can the manager be blamed if a group of players he didn’t sign go seven games without scoring? Does anyone really give a toss about Leicester City? [...]

Nottingham Forest Flying Circus

by , October 3, 2011
First blood was drawn and the board took the hit... Pleat went down without a fight. Then the retaliation: Beswick was sacked, ending 15 years with McClaren. Would it help? The first test was at home against Birmingham [...]

Heads will roll

by , September 30, 2011
There is an old song that goes along the lines of “Nottingham, is full of fun. Oh Nottingham is full of fun! It’s full of tits, fanny and Forest, Nottingham is full of fun.” But it’s not that fun being a Nottingham Forest fan at the moment [...]