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The greatest Nottingham Forest players to represent England

by , June 16, 2016
It’s been a while since Forest were represented in the England team at an international tournament, but the club has produced some excellent English talents in its history, particularly in its 1970s heyday. Here Sathesh Alagappan takes a look at the six finest England internationals who were called up whilst plying their trade at the City Ground [...]


by , August 7, 2014
As Forest fans over-react to the sale of two players, Alex Walker wonders if some have become addicted to drama and controversy thanks to the reign of Billy Davies – and could this hamper Stuart Pearce?

Innocent bystanders

by , March 7, 2012
In my last contribution to LTLF, a call for a bit of pragmatism from the fans in the face of difficult circumstances, I made the bold statement, ‘I don’t think Southampton will find us an easy game on Saturday.’ And what goes and happens? A pathetic 3-0 defeat at home, as easy as they come for the Saints. After that I haven’t dared write again for fear of jinxing things any more, but last night really was a worst-case-scenario result and nothing to do with my ramblings, so I think it’s safe to venture out into public again [...]