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Nottingham man left fuming after auction scam

LTLF Exclusive by Fraud Correspondent, Ken Iving
December 10, 2013
A man from Nottingham is seeking a refund after he was taken in by an outrageous online auction scam.

Fawaz Al-Hasawi was duped by an eBay seller supposedly auctioning French footballer Bakary Sako.

Mr Al-Hasawi’s bid of £3.5 million was accepted by the seller – who trades under the user name ‘Molineux_Kenny’ – but when the goods arrived the unfortunate victim realised he had been sent a cardboard cut-out of the player instead of the real thing [...]

Unemployable man forced into work under government scheme

LTLF Exclusive by Employment Correspondent, Benny Fitz
September 30, 2013
Chancellor George Osborne has hailed his new ‘help-to-work’ scheme as a success as the first unemployable person was put to work on a job no one else wants. Steve McClaren, of no fixed abode, started work this afternoon after the government identified him as one of the underclass who would never otherwise find work [...]

Give peace a chance

by , August 1, 2013
Tony Morgan is a lover, not a fighter, and he wishes Forest manager Billy Davies could just hug and make up with Radio Nottingham as a sense of conflict threatens to undo positive work in the transfer market...

Billy Davies: the second coming

by , February 6, 2013
Alex Walker allows reports of Billy Davies’ impending return cheer him up, but also questions the timing, the motives and whether fickle Fawaz and bloody-minded Billy could ever work together...