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Forest on Film: Forest v Derby

September 27, 2013

Derby 0 Forest 2, March 23, 1989

Forest 2 Derby 1, August 30, 1989

Forest 3 Derby 0, March 19, 2003

Forest 3 Derby 2, August 29, 2009

Forest 5 Derby 2, December 29, 2010

Let’s hope we’ve got one more worthy video to upload to this page this time tomorrow!

Forest on Film #2: ‘Pure animal physics’

October 13, 2008

“What do you mean, Who’s Johnny Metgod?” says Danny Baker in this great clip of the Dutch legend’s celebrated pile-driver freekick in 1986. “This is Johnny Metgod!”

The celebration after the goal is pretty famous too, having featured on the Match of the Day titles for some time afterwards.

Forest on Film #1: Vintage City Ground

September 24, 2008

To start us off in the first of a regular series, here’s some old cine film footage of the City Ground in the late ’70s, before the building of the mordern Trent End, Executive Stand and Bridgford End stands. We also see Brian Clough parading the League Championship trophy.