The Transfer Window Deadline

by , September 3, 2008

Another Transfer Window deadline day passes, with Forest not involved. Over the last few years, the only deals we seem to do on deadline day, is let players go. The biggest of which was when Spurs did the double deal for Reid and Dawson, a time we should have strengthened, we were so short sighted to let our two best players go, and we ended up in League One … you reap what you sow in this game!

OK, we didn’t see anyone leave yesterday, I mean how could they? The squad is so weak as it is, we couldn’t afford to let anyone go with the injuries we are carrying. We are hoping in the two week break those injuries clear up.

Although, Earnshaw could be a new member of the Injured Club – the Reds are still waiting for him to have a scan to determine how long he is out. Surely it would have made more sense to have that done yesterday (like Liverpool did with Torres) to see if we needed to bring another forward in, we had chance to do it. Yet it is easier for CC to bury his head in the sand than worry if his best striker is out for any length of time!

We made an effort to sign Watson, no grumbles with that, he is the type of player we should be targeting if we are serious about promotion. We bid up to £2 million for a player out of contract at the end of the season. It was good money, but the player was well scouted, met all the high requirements the acquisition team look for in a player so were prepared to offer Palace what they wanted. But high quality players come with high wages, and they were not prepared to break their wage structure to get him …what a waste of time!

It was reported he turned us down two weeks ago for the same reasons, yet the club went back in for him, but still didn’t offer the wages he wanted. He joins Best and Dann’s “We tried Club”

Was the money spent elsewhere … no. A bit like when we tried to sign Barry Robson (Another member of the “We tried Club”) in the January Transfer window. We left it to the last few days to strike a deal, we all knew Celtic were also interested. Forest bid was accepted, the selling club made Celtic match it, and hey presto he joins Celtic. I bet the Dundee United Chairman sent Doughty a nice bottle of Champagne to thank him for helping his club get the best deal they could from Celtic!

You can bid for any player you want, but you must also be prepared to meet the players wages demands and ambitions. What happens if we ever do get promoted? The club will have to pay big wages then.

So now we are looking at the Loan Market. Apparently we could have a loan player in by the next match … so why are we worrying?

Well for starters, we have missed out on some good signingss. Quite a few players that came to Championship clubs yesterday, would have been good for Forest and most of them were loan signings, so it’s not a massive commitment or outlay.

Reckon CC and Arthur were probably tucked up in Bed early last night, content in the knowledge, that they will look at the loan market in a few weeks, a bit like customers waiting for the January sales. Will the club find anyone decent, have all the best deals gone?

Premiership clubs will probably not want to let too many players go. They need to have 7 subs nowadays, as there wasn’t that much incoming transfer activity in the Premier.

Yet the club is happy to wait to see what loans they can attract. It’s an age old excuse, and one they rarely follow up on. The next excuse will be ….we have to wait to make any loan signings as we can only get a player for a maximum of 3-months, we would him for the heavy Christmas schedule, so we can’t really get any loan signings till early October.

And of course, if they don’t get anyone, they will have the well rehearsed reply. We are happy with the squad, but don’t worry we can buy players again in January.

But of course in January players, are far too expensive (as we get told by Mark Arthur every January). Clubs don’t want to let players go. We could also be up shit creak by then in the League and players may not want to join a struggling side (unless you are prepared to pay them top wages like QPR did last season).

Well this is Calderdud’s squad, he has full faith that this his players are good enough. We don’t need reinforcements to get promotion. We have Andy Cole to replace Earnie. Tyson has got a few more games to go before he is injured again.

Anderson and Garner will be back in October firing on all cylinders (and hopefully can perform at this level). Heath will push Bennett for a starting spot. Smith will have to be on top form to keep out the promising Roberts. Morgan and Wilson can have no respite with Breckin breathing down their neck. Colin will have a big decision of who to play in midfield when McGugan is fit – I mean did we really need Ben Watson??

And Chambers …oh Chambers. I am sure Mr Calderwood would sooner send Maloney out on loan than to challenge you for your spot in them team – he wouldn’t want to upset his drinking buddy!

Well if promotion is on the cards, I expect us to comfortably beat Burnley on September 13th . Calderwood has no more excuses!