Since you gotta go, oh you’d better go now…

by , November 27, 2008

That Cat Stevens bloke talked a load of rubbish at times. Maybe it is now time to make a change? It seems like something has got to give to turn around Forests sorry fortunes, and reluctantly I am starting to see the only option is to change the Manager.

The reason I am reluctant about this is that like many fans – I quite like Mr Calderwood. Not in the ‘I want to have his babies’ sense (although I can see why if someone is that way inclined). But ‘Cuprinol Colin’ comes across as a really nice bloke that is trying to get his team playing football in the manner that Forest fans want. You can see his desire to get the team playing in the right way by watching him in his technical area. Watching him remonstrate when the ball gets hoofed instead of using width is evidence of this. In post match interviews, you get the feeling that any scathing comments for his ‘Group’ are kept in the dressing room which makes you respect his loyalty to his players. The players do seem loyal in return and there does seem to be a great team spirit as a result of this.

I fear though that Colin has taken us as far as he can at this time in his career. I don’t doubt that at some point he will be a top manager (I can see him managing Spurs in the future), but he needs to start again at a lower level to get more experience to do this. If he goes now, then both him and Forest can move forwards with some pride intact. If he leaves it too late, it could spell disaster for both parties.

So thanks Colin. May 3rd was a very special day that will forever be a great memory for many Forest fans. But, as seems to be a recurring theme with me – I’ll refer to my record collection and call on the Moody Blues to end this piece of writing:

Since you gotta go, oh you’d better go now…