Life Without Calderwood

by , December 29, 2008

So after a growing feeling of unrest, and what was by all accounts a cataclysmically bad performance against Doncaster on Boxing Day, the curtain finally came down on Colin Calderwood’s tenure at Nottingham Forest.

His sacking by a remote Nigel Doughty, actioned by his puppet Mark Arthur comes at a tricky time. Any new manager will be thrust straight into the January transfer window with very little time to assess the squad – though the  fans in the stands can doubtless suggest many positions where a new face is required.

Added to that is the matter of a number of loan deals that Colin Calderwood agreed which end on December 31st – Lee Camp being the most prominent on a sizeable list.

So what of Colin Calderwood?

It’s true to say that his appointment was not met with universal approval. Many of his critics were never convinced. Many of his backers were never swayed. The fence-sitters will look back at the highs and lows with VERY mixed emotions.

Undoubtedly, the low point was the Play-Off Second Leg against Yeovil. From 3-1 up on agregate with 10 minutes to play, we managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory following some baffling tactical substitutions which failed spectacularly, and we ended up on the wrong end of a 5-4 result. The feeling of shock, loss and emptiness took MANY months to get over.

Similarly the high point was our unlikely promotion in May 2008.

For several weeks a hugely unlikely set of results all went in our favour, culminating on the last day of the season with little Cheltenham Town beating Doncaster coupled with a Forest victory, sparking celebrations that were for many, their greatest day as a Forest fan.

Colin Calderwood: 30 May 2006 – 26 December 2008
Played 136, Won 57, Drawn 42, Lost 37. (Win %: 41.91)

He took over with us a League One side, and left us in the Championship.

For this, I am grateful, and would like to offer my thanks and best wishes, Colin.