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An Ode to Darren Deadman

by , February 24, 2011
There’s a dead man walking, walking the pitch When there’s been contact his nose starts to twitch He’s got a sixth sense so he always knows For the least little thing his whistle blows [...]

What’s going on?

by , February 10, 2011
What’s going on? I don’t understand Everything’s suddenly going to plan We’re winning away, unbeaten at home Seven points clear of the play-off zone [...]

Less can be more in the transfer window

by , February 1, 2011
January 2011’s transfer window offered a final dramatic flurry on Monday night before coughing spluttering, and being laid to rest in the cold hard ground of football history. With obscene millions being handed from one Premier League club to another, the business conducted in the football league looked subtle, paltry even, but can it be the case that in the January transfer window less is more? [...]