Articles by Red Hughes

The Royal Charter for Press Regulation
by order of King Billy

December 5, 2013
Thou shalt not do an interview before or after games and if you want to chat with us you’re gonna have to pay

That shalt not take a photograph – no, not a single one – without making it very clear exactly where you’re form [...]

Post-Season Poem: 2012/13

July 11, 2013
In life there are so very few sure things but one is that times are never boring for those who follow the Garibaldi in their endless, epic fairy story. It’s true the Reds frustrate and enrage us on both the pitch and the sporting pages and leave us heartbroken more oft’ than not, but never without some twists in the plot [...]

He is the Resurrection

February 21, 2013
So Forest got their Billy back twenty months after He was sacked as once again when in the mire we called upon our wee Messiah [...]

A Christmas poem

December 24, 2012
Oh Christmas comes but once a year and any more often, I fear, would lead to endless snow-like swathes of festive footballing clichés!

Post-Match Poem: The Nightmare

November 4, 2012
It’s all okay, it was a dream, and that nightmarish horror scene where we were thrashed by Millwall never happened – not at all [...]