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Me Owd Duck on Larry Lloyd’s book

by , February 23, 2012
Larry Lloyd's Hard Man: Hard Game is one of the best accounts of Forest's golden years that I have read. I think Lloyd benefits hugely from having a female ghost writer. At the risk of being sexist, it just allows one of the hardest men I have ever met to admit to all sorts of things that I am not sure he would if he'd have played it safe and used a male sports journalist to help him write the book [...]

Me Owd Duck mourns

by , February 9, 2012
Death holds no favours, death does not discriminate between those who have wasted their lives drinking, taking drugs and smoking. Death comes but once and it is final. Death is unfair. It takes the best and the worst that mankind has to offer and does not discriminate between them. Death cannot distinguish the good from the bad. Death knows nothing of heaven and hell, it is a black hole that awaits all of us. Your god can find your lost luggage afterwards [...]

Nigel Doughty: tragedy and perspective

by , February 4, 2012
If it wasn’t for TV scheduling many of us would be receiving the sad and shocking news of Nigel Doughty’s death at the age of 54 as we left Pride Park or awaited the match reaction from our radios. But with no game today most of us would have been enjoying a Saturday afternoon with no football, maybe spending time with family or friends, or just getting odd jobs around the house done [...]