Join the LTLF team this summer

July 6, 2012

Has there ever been a more uncertain time to be a Forest fan? The club’s future hangs in the balance and at the mercy of our prospective new owners. Everyone’s got an opinion on what we might expect in the coming months, but why not put yours where the world can see it and become an LTLF writer?

For more than a decade we have been publishing articles by supporters without censorship or editorial bias, with the aim of giving the fans a voice and sparking debate. And there’s certainly plenty to debate at the moment. What does the takeover mean for our future? Does Steve Cotterill deserve another season as manager? Will we have enough players to compete at the start of the campaign?

For more information about writing for LTLF, see our new contributions page where you can read more about what we do and submit your first article. LTLF has always been powered by contributions from a variety of fans and we look forward to receiving yours, whatever it is you want to say…

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