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The Periodic Table: Brian Clough style

November 29, 2013

Elements of a Forest Legend

A lot of elements went to make up the natural wonder that was Brian Clough, but they had never been catalogued scientifically before… until now.

From On a Sixpence comes ‘Elements of a Forest Legend’, a beautiful piece of art featuring every single player to represent Forest during Clough’s 18 years as manager rendered as a chemical element.

We think it’s inspired and are pleased to be able to offer LTLF readers an exclusive discount: simply enter the code ‘LTLF’ on checkout to get free shipping on your order. Click the picture above to see more images and order your limited edition print in time for Christmas.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

by , November 7, 2013
With the changing of the clocks and the darkening of the skies, the mood of football fans often seems to take a nosedive. Is this, asks Tony Morgan, what caused Sean O’Driscoll to get sacked and does it explain the recent backlash against Billy Davies?