The p-word… already?

August 24, 2012

It seems a little premature as we’ve only played two league games this season, but Billy Sexton has taken to the pages of Seat Pitch to warn of the dangers of promotion!

The gist of the article seems to be that if we get promoted this season, the chances are we’ll get relegated the following year, and that a better strategy would be to spend longer in the Championship, letting the new manager build his team slowly and surely.

But haven’t we spent enough time wallowing in the Championship? Even with the apparent backing of Kuwaiti millions, a year’s worth of Premier League revenue would be a huge boon to the club’s financial security and allow us to, at the very least, improve the club’s money-making facilities for the long run.

Plus, a year in the top flight, even one that eventually brought us back to where we started, would be great fun… as long as we beat Derby’s record, anyway!

Besides, LTLF isn’t convinced that promotion is going to be ours to give away this season. Four points from two fixtures isn’t bad, but we’ve got a tough game tonight and another 43 tough games after that. Mr Sexton comments that ‘expectation has been piled on Nottingham Forest’ since the Al-Hasawi takeover – fretting over our strategy for surviving in the Premier League is not only unnecessary, but also adds to that sense of pressure.

In other blog news, tonight’s game against Bolton is a daunting prospect for Through the Seasons Before Us while a Bolton fan is confident of re-establishing Fortress Reebok in the Seat Pitch preview. No, it’s probably not time to start planning the 2013/14 relegation party just yet…