He is the Resurrection

by , February 21, 2013

So Forest got their Billy back
twenty months after He was sacked
as once again when in the mire
we called upon our wee Messiah.

But resurrections can be tricky
with doubting Thomases being picky
and others having washed their hands
in despair at heretical plans.

Though hope of the Reds’ salvation
soon displaced our desperation
the talk of play-off miracles
bordered on the satirical.

Billy Davies ... resurrected!Thus with a sermon on the mound
broadcast around the City Ground
the Saviour promised glory be
and bless’d are the Tricky Trees.

But Bolton, the little devils,
somehow managed to pull level
to desecrate the Holy Day
despite being wholly out-played.

Yet intervention most divine
turned water to the sweetest wine
and how we did with joy regard
as Huddersfield were smited hard.

It must have been some years at least
since Nottingham saw such a feast
and thousands left the place well fed
on football, not fish and bread.

Only God can truly know it
but this result leaves the poet
now thinking that the play-offs might
be in our reach – Jesus Christ!