Field Notes

December 13, 2013

  • In another typically penetrating interview by Natalie Jackson, Billy Davies has denied a fall-out with the chairman, although the only source of this alleged fall-out is ‘social media’. Was anyone but Twitter sh*t-stirrers actually talking about this issue until now? Since Davies brought it to the fore in this clearly scripted interview, they might be. And speaking of things in the fore, why can’t Ms Jackson do a television interview without getting her bleedin’ head in the way of the camera?!

    Natalie Jackson's hair (and a bit of Billy Davies)

  • While Fawaz and Billy are still chums, sharp-eyed users of the LTLF Forum have noticed that there are some inconsistencies in what Forest are telling us about their staffing arrangements. When the Daily Mail reported that ‘highly respected football administrator’ Jane Carnelly was leaving the club [story about halfway down the page], the club denied it and said she was merely ‘on a day off’. Ms Carnelly has since been removed from the club website’s staffing page and is ‘currently seeking a new role’ according to her LinkedIn profile. Clearly this is not a ‘day off’, so why did the club deny she had ended her employment? The Mail draws a link between Carnelly’s dealings with ‘Football League rules and regulations’ and Jim Price, who LTLF notes has now been officially re-branded from ‘general manager’ to ‘advisor to the board’. It’s probably all perfectly innocent, but we can’t help wondering what purpose this veil of secrecy is serving?
  • Forest have announced that tickets for the West Ham cup tie on January 5 will be priced at £15. The game is being shown live on ITV and kicks off at midday, but hopefully the reduced prices will attract some kind of crowd.
  • Mark Collar’s excellent book Those Forest Men is now available in paperback priced at £12.95 (with further discounts being advertised on the Lulu homepage) and there is more exciting book news with an update on the forthcoming Pineapple Books Forest Almanac posted on the forum.