Review: Those Forest Men by Mark Collar

by , September 25, 2013
Those Forest Men by Mark CollarThis book is a bit different, different to any football book I’ve ever read before. Once I picked it up I genuinely struggled to put it down and had finished it within a couple of days...

Me Owd Duck on ‘Nobody Ever Says Thank You’

by , March 13, 2012
Clough biographies have tended to be personal recollections by journalists who knew or were used by the great man at the time like Duncan Hamilton or Tony Francis. Wilson is a reporter from Sunderland who now writes for the Guardian and this claims to be the first full biography of Clough from birth to death. It is a monumental and scholarly work, some 550 pages long, and Forest fans have to read through 350 pages before Nottingham is mentioned other than when Clough scored a hat trick at the City Ground as a player [...]

Me Owd Duck on Larry Lloyd’s book

by , February 23, 2012
Larry Lloyd's Hard Man: Hard Game is one of the best accounts of Forest's golden years that I have read. I think Lloyd benefits hugely from having a female ghost writer. At the risk of being sexist, it just allows one of the hardest men I have ever met to admit to all sorts of things that I am not sure he would if he'd have played it safe and used a male sports journalist to help him write the book [...]

Book reviews: Nottingham Forest: On This Day, Nottingham Forest Miscellany and The Day I Met Brian Clough

by , December 6, 2011
Records must have broken this year as a plethora of Forest books hit the shelves – the postman serving the LTLF offices is currently taking three months off with a crippled spine from carrying all the review copies that have dropped through our letterbox in the last few months. But aside from giving postal workers back problems, what purpose are all these books serving? Here we review three Forest-themed books that take a potted history approach to the Reds’ past to find out if they can tell us something we don't already know [...]