LTLF Topic: David Pleat

Left in doubt by Doughty

by , October 3, 2011
The word doughty means brave and courageous, an ironic fact given our soon-to-be-erstwhile chairman’s alleged timidity in the transfer market. Of course it’s easy to be so flippant when it’s not your own millions being frittered away on fees and wages, but Nigel Doughty’s chairmanship will be remembered for those times when a little more bravery might have seen him achieve his ambitions of Premier League status for the club [...]

Nottingham Forest Flying Circus

by , October 3, 2011
First blood was drawn and the board took the hit... Pleat went down without a fight. Then the retaliation: Beswick was sacked, ending 15 years with McClaren. Would it help? The first test was at home against Birmingham [...]

Heads will roll

by , September 30, 2011
There is an old song that goes along the lines of “Nottingham, is full of fun. Oh Nottingham is full of fun! It’s full of tits, fanny and Forest, Nottingham is full of fun.” But it’s not that fun being a Nottingham Forest fan at the moment [...]