The Ex Factor!

by , December 29, 2008

We can now add ol’ Colin Calderwood to the ex-manager list, as the hapless Scot is given his P45. Quite a miserable Christmas for poor old Colin I should imagine, but then he must’ve seen it coming – even if his demeanor in interviews did not seem to suggest it.

I had always wanted Colin to succeed, as is the case of every manager that takes up the post, but increasingly over the last few weeks it’s been a case of when he would get the sack, not if.

Which leads us on to the dreaded managerial merry-go-round. There are unemployed managers out there who don’t seem to have been in work for years, but are always mentioned whenever a job vacancy appears. David O’Leary is the number one candidate, a man who has been on Sky Sports numerous times begging for a job. Not quite to the extent of Big “EMPLOY ME!” Sam, but desperate enough. Surely these guys must have an idea as to why they aren’t getting employed?

A Forest vacancy is also a time to trot out the Forest old boys. Brian Laws, Nigel Clough and even Roy Keane get a mention on the bookies list. It also throws up Trevor Francis and, to everyone’s surprise including his own, Gary Birtles! Maybe the manager of NFFC isn’t the glamour job it once was…

Trawl the internet and everyone has their own opinion, why such and such is better than so and so, but ask me for my opinion and I’ll say…i don’t know. I had thought that maybe a young manager was the way forward, but the words of Mark Arthur prior to the Norwich game have made it plain they are after an experienced man. That rules out your Boothroyd’s and Keane’s. Arthur also used the opportunity to say that they were also looking to within the club for a possible internal appointment.

Now, there is one man who works at NFFC, a man who certainly has a shedload of experience. A man that might be our new manager next week….David Pleat!