LTLF Topic: Doncaster Rovers

The world turned upside down

by , August 12, 2013
With football club owners hitting the headlines for rebranding, relocating and generally reinventing their clubs, David Marples wonders what Fawaz Al-Hasawi and his ego might do with ‘his’ club...

Happy birthday, Steve

by , July 20, 2012
Spare a thought for the hapless Steve Cotterill who wakes up on this, the morning of his 48th birthday, to find that his lasting legacy at Nottingham Forest is to introduce us to the man who has replaced him as manager...

Innocent bystanders

by , March 7, 2012
In my last contribution to LTLF, a call for a bit of pragmatism from the fans in the face of difficult circumstances, I made the bold statement, ‘I don’t think Southampton will find us an easy game on Saturday.’ And what goes and happens? A pathetic 3-0 defeat at home, as easy as they come for the Saints. After that I haven’t dared write again for fear of jinxing things any more, but last night really was a worst-case-scenario result and nothing to do with my ramblings, so I think it’s safe to venture out into public again [...]