Takeover twitterings, but no new club crest

July 7, 2012

There are claims being made on Twitter that Thursday (July 12) will see the official announcement and signing of the Al-Hasawi takeover.

Good news if true, and the poster responsible seems well connected with Fawaz Al-Hasawi, even though it’s not entirely clear to an English-speaker what his authority is.

And it was the language barrier that led to some amusing confusion yesterday when Fawaz himself tweeted a photo of what looked like a new, Kuwait-inspired Forest badge.

After what has happened to Cardiff recently, the image understandably caused a bit of a furore on Twitter and the forums, except on the LTLF Forum where most people remembered the image originally being posted as a joke exactly a month earlier by Windows.

His logo was based on the Kuwaiti Coat of Arms, and you have to admit there is a striking similarity between the waves on the two designs, but Mr Al-Hasawi was moved to tweet a denial that he was thinking of changing the badge, much to the relief of everyone.