Exclusive! News! Facts! #itk

July 22, 2013

LTLF’s roving newshounds have been sniffing feverishly around the City Ground this summer picking up the scent of any news story worth cocking a leg at. Here is what they have found out:

  • John Pye & Sons may be sponsoring us again in the coming season, or it could be someone else.
  • The new away kit will be either blue, green, white, yellow or another colour, but probably not red.
  • Radio Nottingham might be providing live commentary of Forest games during 2013/14, but they also might not be.
  • Exciting new signings will be announced in the next few days, or sometime before the transfer window closes, or never at all.
  • Forest’s commercial and public relations departments definitely, without doubt, 100% for certain still leave a lot to be desired…

Stand-by for more unmissable updates from LTLF when the club deign to actually tell us fans anything. Perhaps.