Three Wise Men

by , July 22, 2012

The three wise men from lands afar
are guided not by yonder star,
nor are they kings of Orient nations –
just salesmen of refrigeration.

The three wise men came to our stable
with gifts to place upon our table
no frankincense, no myrrh, no gold,
but Kuwaiti millions, so we’re told.

The three wise men’s journey was long,
the club was going for a song,
and much relief followed the suspense
of the proper due diligence.

The three wise men came here to name
the one true king and put to shame
any pretender to his throne
who struggled to win games at home.

The three wise men have vowed The Word
will spread to those who haven’t heard
and from exile in barren sand
our people will reach the promised land.

So Hallelujah, praise be to Clough,
Lord knows we’ve waited long enough
for three wise men from lands afar:
Fawaz, Abdul, and Omar…

Three Wise Men