The new and the old

August 17, 2012

The forecast is for sunshine, which must mean tomorrow is the first Saturday of the football season! However much changes in football as the years go by, you can usually rely on the sun coming out for the start of the league schedule.

Also pretty reliable, Through the Seasons Before Us previews the match against Bristol City, whose squad includes Paul Anderson and Greg Cunningham, while Seat Pitch have previewed the whole season and indeed a new era (in the literary style of Peter Blackburn).

As well as eight new signings on display, fans will get their first look at a new, arty-looking programme. Let’s hope it is a more successful redesign than the recent official website relaunch!

Tomorrow will be all about new things: new owners, new manager, new squad… new hope!

But the first day of any season is also about returning to the good old City Ground, sitting in your familiar old seat and meeting up with old faces for a drink afterwards. Plus ça change, as the French say.

So, to continue Mr Blackburn’s theme of literary quotations, once more unto the breach, dear friends, and come on you Reds!!!