Two-nil to the optimists

December 11, 2012

Forest were back to winning ways at the weekend and the Forest blogging community, though now one site short, has thankfully been able to get back to talking about football matches rather than Twitter-based nastiness.

On Seat Pitch, James Bolton thought Forest looked ‘a bit disjointed’ in a ‘pretty sloppy’ match against Burnley, but decided to focus on the positive and said the ‘back four looked solid again’. James also praised Guy Moussi for his substitute role, a key switch that helped turn the game in our favour.

After a week in which Sean O’Driscoll was forced to explain his team selections in the street, Through the Seasons Before Us noted that ‘subtle changes’ in tactics were what eventually unlocked Burnley. ‘Sean definitely knows best’ is the message from that site, a message that’s certainly easier to put across after a win.

Now perhaps these reports are both from happy-clappers (as defined by Seat Pitch’s timely satire from last week), but after the doom-mongering of the last couple of weeks, who can blame them for looking on the bright side of a satisfying, if unspectacular, win? With tough away trips to Brighton and Watford coming up before Christmas, a bit of optimism is certainly what’s needed…