You might have missed: Derby’s debts, Reidy’s reason and lady luck

March 8, 2013

Updates on LTLF have been somewhat scarce in the last couple of weeks, due to other commitments on the part of the editorial department and also perhaps because things are simply going so well since the second coming of Billy Davies that there isn’t the usual amount of griping and piss-taking to be done by our contributors. We’re sure it won’t last. It never does.

Anyway, as you’re not getting your usual amount of reading material from LTLF, we thought we would bring some interesting bits and pieces from other sites to your attention. Now, where have we seen that idea before?

Our first pick from the blogosphere is actually not about Forest, but indeed Derby County! Shudder! Nevertheless, Steve Wright of Mist Rolling in from the Trent, after recently analysing Forest’s finances, has now taken a look at the books down at the Sheep Dip. It’s a story of losses being made, debts rising and parachute payments running out, which might be amusing considering it concerns our biggest rivals, but as Steve points out, financial losses like this are a problem for most Championship clubs and it is easy to see why club owners are sometimes willing to gamble everything on the ‘impossible dream’ of promotion to the Premier League or bust – the alternative strategy simply isn’t financially viable.

When football allows itself to be run on such untenable bases, and when footballers regularly disgrace themselves in public, it’s nice to read some common sense from the mouth of one of your own club’s players. Andy Reid comes across as intelligent and down-to-earth in a recent interview with Left Lion. You may already have read the piece in the magazine, but if not, it is now available online.

If that isn’t enough Reidy for you, you can check out his other talent on the Reasons To Love Forest blog, which has recently sprung back into life. Perhaps, like Arsher Ali on The Garibaldi Gazette they have rediscovered that lovin’ feeling

So, will it all last? That’s the question Tom Head ponders in his latest blog for the Mansfield Chad, in which Davies is likened to a Hollywood military general and, amusingly as the Wardon Hodges-esque comparison seems so apt, Napoleon. Passion and enthusiasm have played their part in our recent form, says Tom, but he concludes that luck could well be what takes us over the line. If Tuesday night was anything to go by, he may well be right.

Finally, on the subject of luck, good luck to all those taking part in the inaugural Clough-Taylor People’s Run this Sunday. Let’s hope those running in red shirts can mirror recent footballing form and finish a good distance ahead of those running in white!