A dramatic end to an eventful year

January 3, 2013

Has the dust settled after the storm Sean O’Driscoll’s sacking kicked up on Boxing Day, or does the transfer window mean things are only going to get more hectic at the City Ground in coming weeks?

The transfer of Stephen McLaughlin from Derry was arranged under O’Driscoll, but it does show that the club recognises the squad inadequacies Rob Terrace highlights in his report on the 3-0 defeat at Blackburn on New Year’s Day.

However, such a result will have done little to lift the gloom of Alex McLeish’s doubters. Despite the warm welcome he received against Crystal Palace, the events of last week left one blogger filled with horror at modern football and another putting their site on ice.

eighteensixtyfive, who themselves recently announced there were closing the site, came out of retirement to urge against negativity, but it seems it’s going to require some good results from the new manager very soon if the Forest blogging community is going to get it’s mojo back.

It’s interesting though because the last few weeks do confirm one thing – supporting Nottingham Forest is never predictable and there is always something to write about for the budding blogger. There can’t have been many more eventful years in the history of the club, as James Bolton proves in his round-up of a crazy 12 months, and with Fawaz Al-Hasawi at the helm it looks like 2013 may well be just as eventful. Let’s hope it’s an eventful year for the right reasons this time.