Post-Match Poem: Forest 3 Cardiff 1

by , October 20, 2012

It’s normally a pity
to see Leicester City
sitting at the league table’s top.
But today I just don’t care
because Forest put them there
by bringing Cardiff’s run to a stop.

And it’s usually a shame
to see us end a game
with only ten players on the field.
But today I don’t mind
because by that time
we already had a lead we wouldn’t yield.

And often I’m irate
when careless mistakes
see us give away a sloppy goal.
But today it’s okay
because the team’s display
was more than satisfactory on the whole.

And while eleventh place
is a little off the pace
and would leave us disappointed come May,
today it’s all right
because the future’s bright
and there are still a lot of games left to play.