It’s 1890 all over again…

February 11, 2013

It is complained that the business is so secretly conducted. Doubtless we should all like to know what is going on, but the best interests of the club in such delicate work as strengthening the team won’t stand such publicity, and there’s an end of it. Divided counsels are disastrous and we hope to see complete harmony restored and a spirited policy carried out firmly.

No, it’s not the latest attempt to make sense of the Al-Hasawi ownership scandal from an LTLF opinion writer, but an article published in the Nottingham Evening Post on March 25, 1890, as unearthed by Forum member I’m Red Till Dead.

The ‘Foresters’, recently beaten 12-0 by Small Heath, were trying to build a new team of professional players, but doubts were being raised by anxious supporters over the committee’s plans and the time it was taking to put the new side together.

The article continues: ‘If the supporters of Notts [sic] Forest have not lost all heart they must be the staunchest folk who ever followed the fortunes of a fallen club.’

Plus ça change…

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