Forum Highlights

LTLF meets… Craig Armstrong

September 12, 2013
LTLF Forum members put questions to former youth team player turned Forest academy coach, Craig Armstrong. Craig tells us his views on the current academy prospects, Pierre Van Hooijdonk’s strike and which manager he thought was an ‘absolute knob’...

City Ground bygones

December 21, 2012
With two large video screens being erected at the City Ground this week, members of the LTLF Forum have been reflecting on the changing face of the ground over the years. Reminiscences of things you’ll never see at the City Ground again include kids standing on crates in the Trent End, advertisements for Zycomm Two-Way Radio and bobble hats with Scottish clubs on one side and Forest on the other [...]

Sean O’Driscoll at the movies!

August 4, 2012
The SO'DfatherCreative types with too much time on their hands (our favourite kind of people) have been firing up Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and MS Paint to create Sean O’Driscoll-themed movie posters on the LTLF Forum. Here are some of the highlights so far...