LTLF Topic: Blackburn Rovers

Some shocking news!

by , October 4, 2012
One or two Forest fans, especially those who booed the team at the final whistle against Blackburn, may need to sit down as Tony Morgan has some surprising facts for you...

Post-Match Poem: Forest v Blackburn

by , October 3, 2012
A derby day poem I could not write the score was too painful, the game too shite, the referee so bafflingly bad, and Forest’s form so startlingly sad [...]

Give peace a chance

by , May 20, 2011
With the final game of the Premier League season looming above us, a relegation cloud for many on the horizon, I’m not nearly as excited as I should be about the final day drama set to unfold. In truth, it has been on my mind for some time now, but having watched some of Manchester United versus Blackburn game on Saturday, the infamous ‘Respect campaign’ has forced its way to the forefront of my mind [...]