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Severe mither warning issued in Nottinghamshire

LTLF Exclusive by Weather Correspondent, Gustav Wynde
December 29, 2014
People in Nottinghamshire are being warned to expect a fresh wave of mithering, moaning and malcontentedness to hit the county this week.

The region saw a flurry of groans, gripes and grumbles fall on Boxing Day, shortly after Nottingham Forest’s 3-0 defeat at Middlesbrough. Many travelling fans were caught in inches of severe criticism and forced to abandon their hope by the roadside.

This was followed by a particularly frosty reception to the Reds’ 3-1 trouncing at home to Birmingham that has left a certain manager on very slippery ground [...]

A Christmas poem

by , December 24, 2012
Oh Christmas comes but once a year and any more often, I fear, would lead to endless snow-like swathes of festive footballing clichés!

The Life of Brian’s Statue: Fancy Dress

by , December 20, 2010
I can’t believe it! I saw a young feller walk past me the other day wearing a bit of cloth round his neck with Arsenal FC written on it. I’ve got nowt against people supporting whatever club they choose, but I couldn’t work out what that bloody thing was round his neck. I thought to myself, What’s wrong with a good old fashioned scarf, eh?