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Psycho – That Forest Man

by , April 8, 2014
Mark Collar, author of Those Forest Men, reflects on the career of Stuart Pearce and why he is so beloved of the Forest faithful...

Nottingham man left fuming after auction scam

LTLF Exclusive by Fraud Correspondent, Ken Iving
December 10, 2013
A man from Nottingham is seeking a refund after he was taken in by an outrageous online auction scam.

Fawaz Al-Hasawi was duped by an eBay seller supposedly auctioning French footballer Bakary Sako.

Mr Al-Hasawi’s bid of £3.5 million was accepted by the seller – who trades under the user name ‘Molineux_Kenny’ – but when the goods arrived the unfortunate victim realised he had been sent a cardboard cut-out of the player instead of the real thing [...]

Daniel Taylor: ‘Press box ban is just a red herring’

September 18, 2013
Daniel TaylorOn Saturday the Guardian’s chief football writer and author of a highly-praised book about Forest, Daniel Taylor, wrote about how he and his newspaper had been barred from the City Ground press box on a technicality. With questions posed by LTLF Forum members, we hear his side of the story as well as his views on Forest’s prospects this season...

Dear John

by , January 19, 2012
My dear beloved Forest, what on earth has happened to us? We used to have such great times and were so happy together and now we just seem to be drifting apart. Your flowing moves used to excite me to the point of distraction, and the climax to those moves was often unbelievable. Your passion and commitment used to warm me on a cold Saturday afternoon when we spent time together, but now your caresses have become cold and uncaring. You used to bring sunshine into my life and now I see nothing but dark clouds and dull, rainy days [...]