Internet uproar as popular CEO is sacked!

LTLF Exclusive
January 18, 2013

The Internet is outraged at the news of former Forest chief executive Mark Arthur’s dismissal from the club.

Mr Arthur, who had been at the City Ground for over a decade, was handed his marching orders by chairman Fawaz Al-Hasawi yesterday afternoon, shortly after head of recruitment Keith Burt and club ambassador Frank Clark were also relieved of their duties.

The news spread quickly and eventually reached the Internet where it was met with shock and disgust.

A spokesperson for the Internet released the following statement:

‘We, the Internet, have always been 100% supportive of Mr Arthur and his work at Nottingham Forest. The Internet is known for being rational and rarely using strong language, but in these circumstances we have no option but to say his sacking is a flipping outrage.

‘Up until now we have agreed with every decision made by the Al-Hasawi family, but this latest news has forced us to review our position. Perhaps we should have seen the signs when the hugely successful Transfer Acquisition Panel was disbanded, but we bit our tongues, believing that the revolving door managerial policy and a constant stream of on-loan players showed the club was moving in the right direction towards a stable future.

‘But unless Mark Arthur is reinstated immediately, we, the people of the internet will be left with no alternative but to write a strongly worded email!

‘Mark Arthur was nothing short of a hero to the fans of this club. He has given the City Ground more than a decade of service and we had been petitioning the club to give him a testimonial match in recognition of his contribution.

‘As well as the shabby treatment of Mark Arthur, the Internet now has grave concerns about the direction the club is going in. Without our beloved CEO and head of recruitment, how can the owners hope to continue the fantastic record of footballing success, inspiring transfers and general day-to-day organisation we have enjoyed in recent years?

‘The Al-Hasawi family will soon learn that the Internet doesn’t like change, progress or dramatic talking points.’

Many commentators are saying the Forest owners will now start taking the opinions of the Internet seriously. LTLF believes that a meeting between club officials and the Internet is being arranged as the nearest opportunity to address concerns. Meanwhile, rumours that the Internet has been infiltrated by members of the Al-Hasawi family themselves are causing worry.

The Internet’s support of Mark Arthur is well-documented so the backlash to his sacking is unsurprising. Just last season, the Internet unfurled the following banner at the City Ground to show their support for the chief executive:

Arthur Out Standing