LTLF Topic: Robert Earnshaw

A sad end to Lee Camp’s Forest career

by , January 15, 2013
As Forest fans say goodbye to Lee Camp, Paul Severn reflects on the career of a goalkeeper who became an instant hero with his Pride Park penalty exploits – and tries to pinpoint where it all went wrong...

Stranger than fiction

by , August 5, 2011
Sometimes in football it's no contradiction To say that fact is stranger than fiction, For no author could have ever prophesised The summer's events down on Trentside. No wonder they call it silly season As events unfold without rhyme nor reason [...]

Dexter injury highlights ever-growing need

by , November 25, 2010
For someone who has pursued a career in football, who has been involved at the very centre of a successful period at a club moving forward and challenging for honours, the career-threatening injury must be the absolute worst-case scenario [...]