Stranger than fiction

by , August 5, 2011

Sometimes in football it’s no contradiction
To say that fact is stranger than fiction,
For no author could have ever prophesised
The summer’s events down on Trentside.
No wonder they call it silly season
As events unfold without rhyme nor reason.

Take Billy – who would credit the fact
That reaching the play-offs would get you the sack?
Our best manager since Clark, some say Clough,
But the board had clearly had enough
Of snide criticisms made to the press
So Davies was made to clear his desk.

No sooner had Billy taken his leave
Than he was replaced by a man called Shteve.
Ex-England boss, the wally with the brolly,
Lured to the Forest by promises of lolly
And the chairman aimed for the top two
While the fans had a strange sense of de ja vu.

On the transfer front it was more bizarre yet
With Derby County quick to forget
The flag-waving antics of Nathan Tyson.
Goodbye as well to McKenna and Wilson,
Earnshaw and Dele left the attack,
And still we hadn’t signed a bloody left-back!

Experience was what Shtevey wanted
And in George Boateng he certainly got it.
How strange it was to see Reidy back
And stranger still, he’s not (that) fat!
We also signed Greening, ex-United,
But no big names arrived to get the fans excited.

So a strange old summer draws to an end
And I for one won’t pretend
To know what’s in store at the City Ground,
Will we go up, or will we go down?
Will this finally be our year?
Well, stranger things have happened round here…