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Spring cleaning with Fawaz & Co.

by , March 22, 2016
Almost biannually one hears of how the figurehead of an outfit is removed, often without notice. A few return, but some are never seen again, vanishing into thin air. You might be forgiven for thinking I am referring to the treatment of generals in Kim Jong-un’s regime in North Korea. However, I am sadly referring to the treatment of Nottingham Forest’s managerial appointments [...]

Psycho – That Forest Man

by , April 8, 2014
Mark Collar, author of Those Forest Men, reflects on the career of Stuart Pearce and why he is so beloved of the Forest faithful...

Matchday Memories: Forest v Celtic, 1983

by , March 11, 2010
...The most astonishing thing is there’s about 20 Celtic fans climbing the floodlight pylon, not out of malice, but to get a better view. The astonishing part is they’re wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Absolute loonies!...