Summer’s here

by , June 6, 2011

Summer’s here, hip-hip-horay!
We’ve earned ourselves a long holiday
After yet another year of lows and highs
Thank God for no football in June and July

Just saving up for brand new kits
And anxiously waiting for fixture lists
Renewing seats for you and the kids
And booking that far-flung pre-season trip

And let’s not forget what we see in the press
Causing undue excitement and unwanted stress
With the latest rumours doing the rounds
Reported as fact by those dogged newshounds

More concern still over the manager’s fate
Will he get a new contract or be shown the gate?
Can he and the chairman see eye-to-eye
Or will we more likely see pigs that can fly?

On chat-rooms and forums, in bar-rooms and parks
From the dawning of day until it goes dark
The fun never stops when there’s no football to play
Summer’s here, hip-hip-horay!

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