Post-Match Poem: Forest v Bristol

by , August 18, 2012

Never mind the bollocks, here’s Sean O’Driscoll!
He’s our very own footballing Sex Pistol
and if there were doubt, it’s now clear as crystal:
he’s as good as Cotterill was abysmal.

The promise of our team needs time to distill
but you can be sure no danger or risk will
put Seany boy off, nor policies fiscal,
from reaching his goals, both short term and distall.

This first fixture had a feeling baptismal
with the gaps in Sean’s team quite interstitial
but new boy Coxy gave answer to his call,
setting up Adlène who wouldn’t waste this ball.

Season opening games are historically dismal
but Forest saw off the challenge of Bristol
thanks to the mastermind inside his skull:
the one and only Sean Michael O’Driscoll.